Friday, August 18, 2006

After a fabulous night dive last evening where we saw an octopus feeding on a lobster, spawning ruby brittle starfish, and “string of pearls,” (bioluminescent ostracods that were spawning) we took off for a land day today. Highlights included lush plants and birds at Carambola Gardens, swimming scallops at the Rocky Shore field trip, a stop at the iguana farm (thousands of iguanas), and a shopping excursion to Coxen Hole and West End. Our bus broke down in the middle of crowded streets in Coxen Hole but another bus was nearby, so we were on our way in no time. We were happy to find photos that had been taken by Jennifer, our RIMS coordinator, from her most recent gallery showing at West End. But we are sad to be packing for home. PS Happy Birthday Helen!

Kathy for the TME Group

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