Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lovely orchids at Carambola Gardens. Below the group tastes some of the local herbs....
These photos are from the intertidal walk at the western tip of Roatan. To the left we see Mel, Helen, Deanne, & Sandi. Below is a brittle star.
Here are a couple of images from the iguana farm, Friday afternoon.
August 19, 2006

Travel home Day…

Everyone going home today had to have their checked bags at their door by 7:00 and at the bus by 10:00. Garry & Kathy waved good-by to everyone and boarded the Nicolas for the 10:30 dive –very nice. Hope to see everyone at the TME Reunion on September 16. Details to follow.

Thanks everyone for a great trip!

May your remoras be unattached and your corals be spawning,

Garry for the TME Group
More brittle stars on the night...
Here is another unusual photo of coral spawning. These gorgonians have gamete sacks that they are about to release. This happens 8 days after the full moon of August or September.