Sunday, August 13, 2006

SUN. Aug. 13
Greetings from hot, sunny Roatan! We arrived safely on Sat. the 12th, had lunch, a hotel orientation, and were into the ocean for our first snorkel skill check by 5 PM. Mel found a 6” yellow seahorse in the mangrove roots just off shore Anthony’s Key.

After supper of tasty pork and rice or tilapia and polenta, we went to the RIMS lecture classroom for an orientation to Roatan island, geology, and formation of the protected marine area. When we went to bed at 10 PM, our bodies felt like it was midnight, like the time back home in western NY! (Roatan is 2 hours behind our time.)

Sun. AM: We took care of scuba gear rentals before breakfast. After breakfast, there was a Fish ID lecture, a snorkel/dive, lunch, a Coral lecture, and another snorkel/dive. Highlights of ocean time included good fish diversity and bluehead wrasse spawning.

Having some technical difficulty with photos --stay tuned