Monday, August 14, 2006

Greetings from Roatan -Day three (Monday August 14)

We had lecture #3 last evening on coral ID. Everyone was ready for bed!!!

Today we began with an invert lecture...even made some comparisons to
Great Lakes invertebrates....Yes! We do have freshwater sponges! Of
course...we all knew crayfish are decopods, but Garry taught the group
about a "crab's eye" where crayfish store the calcium until they are ready
to harden their new shell.

Then off to the reef for a wonderful dive with squid, colorful reef fish
and lots of beautiful sponges and coral. So proud of our "new" or "refreshed"
divers...Brenda, Kelly and Deanne...they are doing a great job..and
enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery.

On to the beach for lunch and then to the canopy tour, where we were
on a zipline at least 50' above the ground.... We were troopers...and
we all found it exciting and enjoyable. Even though we love the ocean,
it was great to see the trees and butterflies that add to the beauty of
this land.

Afterwards, we were back on the boat for the second dive....where we
were greeted by a very curious (aggressive) remora, who obviously
could not find a shark or turtle to attach to....

We have taken lots of pictures, but our connection in Honduras is soooo
slow..we are having difficulty loading them...stay tuned...

We are all well and enjoying Roatan!

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Ben Dole said...

Have a happy anniversary tomorrow Mom & Dad!!